Software Security Assessment

Security Innovation offers a range of services that help organizations resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a portfolio of enterprise applications, a stand-alone application, an embedded software system, or within the software development process itself.

Our Software Security Assessment services identify security vulnerabilities and threats at any phase of development. For each, we'll focus on areas where your application is most at risk, report back issues found, and provide detailed remediation advice.

Architecture & Design Review

Identifies problems and provides mitigation recommendations so they don’t propagate into numerous code vulnerabilities

Security Code Review

Uncovers the highest number of flaws using a combination of static analysis tools and expert manual techniques

Application Penetration Testing

Using proprietary attacks a threat model for precision testing, we’ll target vulnerable areas of your application and help you remediate vulnerabilities found.

Threat Modeling

Our Threat Analysis Team will view your application from an attacker's perspective to identify threats and risks to your application

Assessing Risk of Enterprise Application
Security Innovation can help you identify high-risk applications, roll out a managed security testing programs, and identify weak points in your IT infrastructure that an attacker could easily exploit. Learn more »