Software & Code Testing

Security Innovation offers a range of services that help organizations resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a portfolio of enterprise applications, a stand-alone application, an embedded software system, or within the software development process itself.

For more than 10 years, Security Innovation has helped industry-leading technology vendors like Diebold, Tyco, and Tivo reduce software vulnerabilities and risk. 

Testing can be done on the source code  itself as well as via black-box methods post-compile time - or after integration and assembly are complete. Only carefully and independently performed tests can provide the necessary trust into the sufficiency and dependability of a critical security solution.

Avoid crash-causing defects in code

Using static analysis tools and manual review techqniques, our engineers will identify and fix critical security defects. This makes it  possible for embedded system manufacturers and integrators to catch serious problems before they have a multiplier effect.  More »

Software Security Testing - it's in our DNA

10 years ago, Security Innovation was launched, focusing only on software security testing.  Our top-selling book “How to Break Software Security” is based on our proprietary security testing methodology, which has been adopted by McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec, and others.  

Focusing on high-risk areas of your software, our engineers will employ our proprietary attacks to uncover elusive vulnerabilities. We've performed deep, effective assessments for dozens of Fortune 500 organizations, and we can do the same for you. More »