Enterprise Application Security/Risk

Security Innovation offers a range of services that help organizations resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a portfolio of enterprise applications, a stand-alone application, an embedded software system, or within the software development process itself.

Reducing Risk of Deployed Applications

Organizations depend on a combination of in-house, outsourced, and purchases/COTS software to run their business. Regardless of who builds them, you still need to understand the risks each application poses and implement mitigation measures.

Security Innovation has worked with Barclays, ING, Nuance Communications, U.S. Courts, Northeast Utilities and others to integrate security into their development process, identify weak spots in their IT infrastructure, and roll out enterprise application vulnerability assessment programs.

Managed Application Security Testing (MAST)

Multi-tiered, subscription-based testing solution that calibrates the depth of testing and vulnerability analysis to the level of application criticality, ensuring the maximum ROI

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Gap Analysis

Identifies key points within your SDLC to integrate new or refine existing security activities, and provides recommendations for improved tool usage and skills development

IT Infrastructure Attack Simulation

Our engineers conduct attacks to determine how data can be stolen or your system can be taken offline and disclose which hardware and software applications are putting you at risk.

Application Portfolio Risk Ranking

Combined with asset and application classification, we’ll create a risk-ranking framework based on business impact, security threats, compliance mandates and operational risk