Automotive Security News

While Security Innovation’s expertise isn’t limited to any specific platform or technology, we do have deep experience and specialization in automotive and embedded security.

1.11.16 Vehicle to Vehicle Tech gets Green Light in US CBS News
12.28.15 SI's Aerolink Named One of the Top Connected Car Automotive Security Products/Services Auto Connected Car News
12.15.15 Hacker Uses Smartphone to Hack Connected Car
10.27.15 Cars That Talk to Each Other Are Much Easier to Spy On WIRED Magazine
10.23.15 Survey: Cars Contain Few Barriers to Hackers EE Times
10.22.15 CAN Bus Can Be Encrypted, Says Trillium EE Times
10.21.15 Researchers Prove Connected Cars Can Be Tracked IEEE Spectrum
10.16.15 Automotive Developers Bearish on Hack-Proofing Cars The Security Ledger
10.1.15 Car Hack Technique Uses Dealerships to Spread Malware WIRED Magazine
9.30.15 Toyota To Sell Cars That Communicate With Each Other And Roadways By Year End Forbes
9.16.15 Senators Ask Automakers For Update On Cybersecurity Protection Measures Consumerist
9.14.15 10,000 NYC Vehicles Are Going To Test the Government's Connected Car Tech Gizmodo
9.10.15 GM Took 5 Years to Fix a Full-Takeover Hack in Millions of OnStar Cars Wired Magazine
9.8.15 Laser can 'disable self-drive car' BBC
9.1.15 Security Innovation explains ways to create an impenetrable connected car Telematics Wire
8.29.15 Car-hacking feud revs up on the Hill Politico
8.21.15 The push for better cybersecurity in cars NPR Marketplace Tech
8.17.15 Secret Volkswagen car hacking research gets released after 2 years IT Pro Portal
8.11.15 Hackers Cut a Corvette’s Brakes Via a Common Car Gadget WIRED Magazine
8.4.15 Keeping Pace with Automotive Hackers - Securing the Cars of Today & Tomorrow Autoline with John McElroy (video)
8.1.15 U.S. Widens Probe of Car Radios That May Be Vulnerable to Hacks Bloomberg Business
7.31.15 Nearly 80 Percent Of Consumers Think Vehicle Hacking Will Be Frequent Problem In Near Future, According To New Kelley Blue Book Survey Dark Reading
7.29.15 Ramifications of the SPY Car Act Embedded Computing Design
7.24.15 Chrysler recalls 1.4 million hackable cars CNN Money
7.22.15 Hackable Chryslers need a software update CNN Money
7.22.15 Hack of connected car raises alarm over driver safety USA Today
7.21.15 Technical Topic: Vehicular Communications (William Whyte's talk begins at 20:27) IETF Technical Plenary (video)
7.21.15 Sens. Markey, Blumenthal Introduce Legislation to Protect Drivers from Auto Security, Privacy Risks with Standards & “Cyber Dashboard” Rating System Sen. Ed Markey
7.20.15 All self-driving cars will need V2V capability Automotive News
7.19.15 How hackers could target your car in the future The Daily Herald
7.14.15 Automakers unite to prevent cars from being hacked Fortune Magazine
7.10.15 What Automakers Are Doing to Address Digital Security CheatSheet - Autos
6.27.15 Hackers can grab car data, even take control of vehicle The Boston Globe
6.25.15 Vehicle to Vehicle Communications and Connected Roadways of the Future Energy & Commerce Committee
6.25.15 Nat Beuse, from NHTSA testifies on the vehicle-to-vehicle communication Energy & Commerce Committee (YouTube Video)
6.25.15 Harry Lightsey Director at General Motors Testifies on Vehicle-toVehicle Communication Energy & Commerce Committee (YouTube Video)
6.25.15 Automakers Tackle the Massive Security Challenges of Connected Vehicles The Wall Street Journal
6.15.15 V2V making news again The Spokesman-Review
6.10.15 Hackers could take your car for a ride WFMY News 2
6.10.15 Should carmakers be held accountable for cyber security vulnerabilities? Embedded Computing Design
6.7.15 Can your car get hacked? The Daily Herald
5.28.15 Committee Leaders Seek Information on Auto Cybersecurity Energy & Commerce Committee
5.21.15 Copyright Office offers improbable venue for car-hacking fight Politico
5.18.15 Will a Scramble for Airwaves Dent Talking Cars? The Wall Street Journal
5.18.15 Privacy in V2V communications: Is somebody watching you? Embedded Computing Design
5.13.15 Securing Vehicle-to-Everything Software Connected World
5.13.15 Transportation Sec. Foxx announces steps to accelerate road safety innovation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
5.7.15 Keeping your car safe from hacking Consumer Reports
5.3.15 Cars talking to cars? UDOT about to launch tests to help development The Salt Lake Tribune
4.30.15 Can your car get hacked? Consumer Reports
4.27.15 Telematics Berlin: European Commission discuss a pan European Automotive Security Strategy WSPA
4.24.15 OTA challenges for automakers Embedded Computing Design
4.17.15 Automotive threat modeling Embedded Computing Design
4.10.15 V2X technology makes cars safer Embedded Computing Design
4.9.15 Whither Privacy? TU-Automotive
4.7.15 Man Watches Kids Walk Up To His Locked Car And Hack It Using 'Device' The Huffington Post UK
4.6.15 Planning a route towards better automotive cybersecurity Embedded Computing Design
4.3.15 Cyber security for our cars Embedded Computing Design
3.30.15 Security Innovation Raises $4M to Connect Cars, Fight Hackers Xconomy
3.26.15 Solving The Connected Car Security Conundrum TU-Automotive
3.26.15 New bill could kick road safety tech to the curb CBS News
3.24.15 Securing Connected Cars, One Chip At A Time Forbes
3.24.15 Car Tech 101: Hacking a car: Is it really that easy? CNET On Cars (video)
3.16.15 Association of Global Automakers Backs Rep. Miller’s Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Legislation Candice Miller
3.10.15 Lawsuit Claims Toyota, GM & Ford Deceived Consumers About Hackability of Connected Cars Consumerist
3.10.15 Automotive Cyber Security: An IET/KTN Thought Leadership Review of risk perspectives for connected vehicles The Institution of Engineering and Technology (pdf)
3.5.15 MIT puts V2V technology on its 2015 Top Ten list AutoBlog
3.4.15 Car-to-Car Communication May Hit Roads Soon US News & World Report
3.3.15 Volvo cars will start talking to each other about road hazards PC World
3.2.15 Don't Believe the Car Hacking Hype PC Magazine
2.27.15 This Mass. company is working to make sure your Cadillac doesn't get hacked Boston Business Journal
2.26.15 Connected car hacking is the result of low quality coding The Inquirer
2.18.15 Proposed Rule for Light V2V Program Expected in 2016 Transport Topics
2.18.15 Car-to-Car Communication - A simple wireless technology promises to make driving much safer. MIT Technology Review
2.9.15 Markey Report Reveals Automobile Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities Ed Markey
2.9.15 Hackers at the Wheel 60 Minutes (video)
1.26.15 Connected-car ecosystem will take a big test Automotive News
1.25.15 V2V tested between two Audi cars with relative speed of 500 km/h ee Herald
1.20.15 Movers & Shakers Interview with Pete Samson - General Manager of Security Innovation Frost & Sullivan
1.8.15 CES 2015: DENSO Drives to the V2X Frontier CraveOnline
1.6.15 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Motorcycles? Ultimate Motorcycling
1.6.15 NXP and Cohda Wireless RoadLINK(TM) Achieves Top Performance in Audi Field Trial for Intelligent, Securely Connected Vehicles  CNN Money
12.30.14 Europe’s Smart Highway Will Shepherd Cars From Rotterdam to Vienna IEEE Spectrum
12.23.14 Connected Vehicles: The Future of Transportation (video)  US DOT ITS Videos
12.14.14 Will Your Next New Car Report You for Speeding?  The Motley Fool
12.11.14 How Connected Cars will Revolutionize our Roadways and the Way We Drive  HP Matter
12.2.14 While World Fixates On 'Autopilot,' GM Bets On A Revolution Within Reach  Popular Science
12.1.14 Toyota: Active safety for all  Automotive News
11.18.14 Car-Based Technology That Could Invigorate Cities  MIT Technology Review
11.12.14 NXP and Partners Launch European Test Drive to Showcase the Future of 'Intelligent Traffic'  CNN Money
11.6.14 Vehicle-to-X technology: 1.300 km drive starts at electronica EE Times Europe
11.1.14 Revving Up V2V OH&S
10.29.14 Prepare for the part-time self-driving car ars technica
10.27.14 The Battle for DSRC Traffic Technology International
10.23.14 The Automotive M2M Value Chain Connected World
10.22.14 Automakers working on protecting vehicle data privacy The Detroit News
10.19.14 Qualcomm: Cars of the Future Will See Around Corners Techno Buffalo
10.15.14 Your Connected Car Could Save You Money: Why You Need Hi-Tech Wheels Main St.
10.11.14 2014 ITS World Congress: Tech Tidbits from the Trade Show for Autonomy Motor Trend
10.05.14 Technology Takes the Wheel The New York Times
10.03.14 New wireless technology could help drastically reduce vehicle crashes The Washington Post
10.01.14 Cyber Warfare In Cars Forbes
9.29.14 Would Intelligent Cars Get Us Green Quicker Than Electric Cars? Green Car Reports
9.24.14 Cohda Wireless and Delphi to Provide Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure(V2I) Technology for GM's Connected Cars Policy Charging Control
9.18.14 Once Your Car's Connected to the Internet, Who Guards Your Privacy? CIO Magazine
9.18.14 Backlash Coming on Car-to-Car Talk? EE Times
9.11.14 Honda showcases latest intelligent transportation tech at ITS World Congress
9.11.14 Baby Steps Toward Driverless Cars Deliver Huge Leaps in Safety Forbes
9.9.14 Metro Detroit highways to become one of the largest vehicle-communication testing grounds in the world Michigan Live
9.8.14 Delphi supplies V2V for GM and V2I for industry in 2016 Auto Connected Car
9.7.14 GM will introduce hands-free, foot-free driving in 2017 Cadillac LA Times
8.25.14 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Network Needs the Industry to Step Up Automotive News
8.20.14 New Era in Safety When Cars Talk to One Another The New York Times
8.18.14 Talking-Car Plans Advance as U.S. Says Lives to Be Saved Bloomberg News
8.1.14 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications: Readiness of V2V Technology for Application NHTSA.Gov (pdf)
7.17.14 Tesla Model S hacked in Chinese security contest Bloomberg News
7.15.14 Obama touts 'vehicle to vehicle' technology, urges for road repair funding The Detroit News
2.23.14 This Week in Business: Car Communication and Auto Safety NECN
2.4.14 Car-to-car talk: Hey, look out for that collision! San Jose Mercury News
2.3.14 U.S. may mandate 'talking' cars by early 2017 Reuters
2.3.14 Talking-Car Systems to Prevent Wrecks to Be Required by U.S. Business Week
2.3.14 Talking-Car Systems to Be Required as U.S. Weighs Rules Bloomberg
2.3.14 Safety tech turns to 'talking cars' CNN
2.3.14 US to Propose Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Crash-Avoidance Systems The Wall Street Journal
2.3.14 Government Wants Cars to Talk to Each Other Time
2.3.14 US One Step Closer to Future Where Cars Talk to Each Other npr
2.3.14 'Talking' Cars? It Needs to Happen, Feds Say NBC Nightly News
2.3.14 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Decision to Move Forward with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology for Light Vehicles NHTSA
2.1.13 U.S.DOT - Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Video US DoT
10.27.15 Cars That Talk to Each Other Are Much Easier to Spy On WIRED Magazine